Thursday, 21 September 2017

First thoughts on DWTS Season 25

Hy guys!

Season 25 of DWTS has just started so we thought it was time to bring back this old series of blogposts! :)
First up is of course our collab on who's going to win, who we want to win,....


Top 13
Shannona's pick:
13: Terrell & Cheryl

12: Vanessa & Maks

11: Nick & Peta

10: Alan & Debby

9: Derek & Sharna

8: Sasha & Glebb

7: Barbara & Keo

6: Drew & Emma

5: Frankie & Whitney

4: Jordan & Lindsay

3: Nikki & Artem

2: Lindsey & Mark <3

1: Victoria & Val <3

A) Who's going to win? : Lindsey & Mark

B) Who do you want to win? : Victoria & Val

C) Who will be the first to be voted out? : Terrell & Cheryl

D) Which couples will be in the last 3? : Lindsey & Mark, Victoria & Val, Jordan & Lindsay

Top 13
My pick

13: Terrell & Cheryl

12: Barbara & Keo

11: Drew & Emma

10: Nick & Peta

9: Sasha & Glebb

8: Derek & Sharna

7: Frankie & Whitney

6: Victoria & Val

5: Debby & Alan

4: Nikki & Artem

3: Vanessa & Maks

2: Jordan & Lindsey

1: Lindsey & Mark

A) Who's going to win? : Victoria & Val

B) Who do you want to win? : Lindsey & Mark (but we all know that not a lot of people enjoy Mark's crazy creative ways.... So if he's out, I'm rooting for Debby & Alan. (don't believe me? watch every season from when he got a young(er) partner. happens EVERY TIME --' ) )

C) Who will be the first to be voted out? : Terrell & Cheryl

D) Which couples will be in the last 3? : Jordan & Lindsey, Victoria & Val, Vanessa & Maks

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Top 10 Fall Series

Hy guys!

Today I'm sharing 10 series (out of +-20) I'm excited for this fall :)
Again, if you want, you can follow me on Tvshowtime  (why : CLICK HERE) or keep an eye on the 'this week I'm' part of my blog for new series.

Out of all the new and returing shows this fall I chose 5 new ones and 5 returning ones.
Keep in mind, the dates are from tv showtime so they are 1 day AFTER the show releases on tv!

First up, we have the 5 returning series :)

27/09 is the day The Mick returns with a second season. A great comedy show for those of you who like a good laugh! If you haven't seen it yet, watch THIS first!

29/09 The 6th season of Chicago Fire moves to thursdays now! By the looks of it, the trailer does NOT give us good news about the cliffhanger from last season. Oh boy. But this show nows how to go out with a bang since season 1!

3/10 Mothers hold on to your daughters (and the other way around!) cause the devil is back in town for season 3 of Lucifer! Everyone is in love with Tom Ellis since season 1.

10/10 - 11/10 - 11/10 & 13/10 The return of a few more series, I know, but all wit the same characters and the same idea of other dimensions. Ofcourse I'm talking about Supergirl (back for season 3!), The Flash (back for season 4!), Dc's legends of tomorrow (also back for season 3!) and Arrow (back for season 6!). I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER CROSS OVER :D

12/10 Riverdale will be back for a second season! This is gonna be gooooooooood

And now the 5 new series I'm excited for :D

11/09 The first new serie, The Orville, is already on air since this monday! I have no idea where it will go but I feel a crossover with the dc series :p #Martinisbrainwashedandstufflikethat #justanidea

19/09 Dancing with the stars is back for season 25 and finally made Alan a Pro!!! :D I'm so excited for him. And Mark Ballas is back with the best partner ever, Lindsey Stirling!

26/09 The Brave. As a big fan of hospital series I've watched The Night shift in a few weeks. And I really like the backgroundstory of that series. That's why I'm excited and curious for The Brave.

26/09 The Good Doctor. Again, big hospital series fan sooooo :p yeah.

12/10 A drama serie called Dynasty gets a new place in my week :p The remake of the old Dynasty series will be even better!

Hope you will enjoy these new series!


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Books on holiday

Hy guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that was in my travel essentials a few weeks ago, my tablet.
I know what you're probably thinking right now, Isn't it the first thursday of the month? Isn't it Book thursday? Well, yes it is. But not your normal paperback book thursday.

Like you all know, I love reading, but I also like to travel a lot. Taking books with you on holiday is fun, reading a paperback by the pool is always a fun thing to do on vacation. But only for a few days if you're a big reader like me.

If you're going on holiday with the car, you all know it's not that difficult to take a big pile of books with you. You don't have the carry them with you for a few hours. But when going on holiday with a plane, it isn't easy to take a lot of books with you. They take a lot of place and, tbh, weigh a ton.

And that's where a tablet like mine comes in handy.

I'm not saying I don't read paperbacks anymore cause that's not true. I still read a lot of paperbacks. But I just can't take the amount of books that already fit on my tablet with me on holiday. That would be, for your information, over 150 books. And I agree, it takes a lot of time to get used to reading on a tablet instead of paper. You have to charge your tablet, probably best if you don't drop it often, you have to keep in mind what chapter you were reading while reading to prevent loosing the storyline when you accidentaly swipe the little line on the bottom and jump a few chapters back or forward.
Also, reading at the pool or outside in the sun is a nightmare. You have to set the brightness of the tablet very high.

After all those con's, I hear you think, but why use a tablet instead of taking a paperback on vacation?
Because of the efficiency, the weight and the size. No matter what book you are reading, they will all weigh the same, be the same size. You can change the boldness/size of the words. Some books even allow the tablet to read them out so you can listen to the book instead of reading it. And again, you can take A LOT of books with you.

So yes, I do still like paperbacks but I just LOVE taking my tablet on holiday with me instead.

See you next week!


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Things you actually learn at College/Uni

Hey guys!

I know, it's almost (or already) that time of the year again. Back to school.

For me this was (and still is) not the most fun day of the year. You feel like you've just got used to your summer eat-work-party-sleep rhythm and need at least until the end of the first quarter to get used to the going to school part. Or so you tell yourselves.

Being in college for the past 4 years now, I actually learned a bunch of stuff. Besides the actually reading material that is. And even though my first 3 years were rough (I had a lot of bad grades and stuff like that), my fourth year was great. I finally found something that suited me. This past year, I had classes on thuesday and thursday and the rest of the week to do my internship at my local library.
But I'm not writing this post to bore all of you with my past year (unless you want me to, email me!)

This post is for everyone who starts ( or has started in) college/Uni this year :) Here's a list of things you actually will learn!

1) You will learn to sleep when you have the time, wherever you are. I personally learned to take a nap on the train home (or to school in the morning at 6.30 am) with my headphones on/in. I even learned to wake up at just the right time so I wouldn't miss my stop.

2) Drinking is something you will learn too. Unless you're a musician like me, then you will teach others how to drink like you :p. Little tip, if a guy thinks he can drink more, just drink him under the table...he will shut up.(only do this if you're a) a musician or b) confident you can do this and c) either are willing to go out with him at some point during your first year or have a enemy for the rest of your years in college.)

3) How to rely on train, bus and other public transport methods to go where you want to go. Don't walk. Use the public way! You can even meet someone new on that bus ;)

4) Rain can be fun. It can be, I promise you. Enjoy it.

5) The friends you make in college/ at Uni are FOREVER. You will not be able to miss them for longer than a few months after you left college. Believe me.

6) You will always be exploring new places! If you, like me, chose a big city over your little home town, you will have the time of your life. Go out, explore. Play some pokemon go.

7) Sunny days in the middle of a snowy december? Wear sunglasses! It doesn't only look cool, your eyes will thank you.

8) Always order the cheapest thing you can find or at least keep an eye on your budget. I learned this the hard way. Being wednesday, going to starbucks for my daily latte, buy it and after that have no money for lunch. Be smart kids.

9) You will learn how to read a book in class. If you chose a course with a lot of people, you will have a crowded classroom from time to time. If it's boring but you don't want to miss a thing. Bring a book, take a pencil in your hand. look up from time to time... It will all work out.

10) You also will learn how to be very subtle with your phone. Never EVER put it in your pencil case = aka tooooooo loud! Be sure to always put it on silent!

11) Something else I learned the hard way; watching "fails of the week" is not the best idea in a classroom. It's just too funny. Train your pokerfaces!

12) Single? You will see hot guys everywhere! Deal with it. Because they are all taken. I'm serious.

13) Be nice to your teachers. Don't buy them stuff but just a simple hello when you walk by them will make them nice to you during class = less chance he/she will pick you for a difficult question.

14) If you're tired, just skip class (if that's possible). You won't be paying attention anyway so why would you irritate your fellow students & teacher? Go home, go to the park, sit in the school library and watch Glee for all I care.

15) How to look & act less hung over after a night of partying. Water, water, water, water, water and a big old coffee in the morning should do the trick ( Drink the first 3 when you get home, splash the fourth in your face the next morning and take the fifth with you to school)

16) Back to number 9, how to read a book. Now we add the part of how to look interested. Keep that pencil in your hand and look up from time to time, nod, act like you're writing something down ( be sure to have your textbook open in front of you) and continue reading your book.

17) Same thing like 16 & 9, but instead of reading a book, take an assignment from another class with you and work on that. A laptop works best for doing something like this. Don't forget to look up from time to time!

18) Last but not least, learn your ears & brain to focus on words or phrases like "Exams" , "I probably will ask this on the exam", "this is very important", "I see that some of you are writing this down, very good", "Maybe this will be a question...". If you're reading your book, your mind will be listening to the teacher but only "alarm" you when one of these words or phrases are said out loud. I know this sounds crazy but it actually works.

I really hope college will be fun for you. It is (and will probably be) the best years of my life. Of course it has its ups and downs but with the right attitude, friends and a enough spare time, you will be just fine!

And one last tip: Don't forget to take a break from time to time. Listen to some music, hang out with old friends, go on vacation. Enjoy your life while you still can!


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Adventures With A Wheelchair 1 : Bryan Adams Get Up @ Nostalgie Beach Festival 2017

Hy guys and welcome to a new segment on this blog : Adventures With A Wheelchair!

These posts will be written by me and my friend Shannona as we go to events all over Belgium (and maybe abroad) with a lot of courage, enthusiasm, hopefully good weather and of course her wheelchair. 

Here's a bit information on why Shannona uses a wheelchair from time to time:
So umm, because of my physical disability I need to wear protheses on both my legs to be able to walk (and do other stuff, like driving, riding horses and so on...) But it takes quite a toll on me, so whenever we're talking about going big distances or standing for a long time, I definitely take my wheelchair with me.

So, this is how we're going to do this from now on: 
You guys will get a few details on when and/or where we went, what the weather was like, what we got for food, drinks... We'll try to put in a few pictures if we don't forget (no selfies though) of the place we went to, the event we saw. 

There also will be a score list on these 8 categories: 

  1. Weather - Eg. What's the best weather to do this in? (/10)
  2. Food & drinks (/10)
  3. Event (/10)
  4. Accessibility - Eg.: is the terrain in good state for someone in a wheelchair? (/20)
  5. Politeness, respect,.... (/10)
  6. Sanitary aka toilets and stuff - Eg. is there a toilet for someone with a handicap?(/10)
  7. Information in advance - Eg. where can we park? Do we have our own exit? (/10)
  8. General experience (/20)
Total on /100

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Top 10 travel essentials

Hy guys!!

This post is something I wanted to do for a while now. 
And after I asked you guys on twitter, I just had to sit down and write it!

(don't mind the picture, I don't have a good space to take pictures like this)
MY TOP 10 TRAVEL ESSENTIALS (for when I go on holiday for more than 1 week)

1) My Camera, a Nikon D200

I love taking pictures, I really do. So I can't leave my camera behind for a vacation where I know I'm going to see things that I can't get with my Iphone camera.
Here are 2 of my favorite photo's from last vacation :

(Maillane, July 2017 - Newzik)
I really prefer taking pictures of people over animals or scenery. 
Especially musicians & little kids are my favorites.

Go check out the rest on my facebook page!

(Graveson, July 2017 - fête de St. Aloi)

2) My Nintendo DS and Gamboy Color

Nothing more boring than sitting in a car for 10h with nothing to do. So I bring along my nintendo and my gameboy. Both are a bit worn but still work fine.
My favorite games? Pokémon (gameboy) and Professor Layton (Nintendo)

3) A Quiz book. (the one with the 4 faces on)

For when I'm just bored by the pool and want something else to do besides lying in the sun & reading.

4) My external charger/powerbank

I use my phone A LOT. And because of it, it's battery is not in the greatest condition. It goes to 20% 2 times a day when I don't watch out. 
This charger I go for my birthday a few years ago. It can recharge my phone 3-4 times.

5) Books!

I love taking an old school paperback with me on holidays. Ofcourse I don't bring the heaviest books with me but nothing is wrong with some Harry Potter during holidays. + You can actually read them with sunglasses on IN the sun...

6) My tablet

...something you can't do with this one. I have over 100 books on my tablet to read in the car or at night. As I said, out in the sun it's really hard to read a book on a tablet!

7) Sunglasses

Just because. I actually took 2 pair on holiday with me. One pair for in and around the pool, another for daily activities. Both are from Montana

8) Ipod touch

Again an old little device. I only use it for listening to music. It has 16gb (wich is becoming a problem because I have a lot of music) but still works AMAZING. (mine is an older model but this is the closest one.

9) Sony speaker

We rent a little house when we're on vacation and often want to listen to music. My sony speaker can hold my Ipod Touch and charge it when it's plugged in. It has an amazing sound too.

10) USB Port for the car

As I told you, I need to recharge my phone a lot. And tbh, I really like playing pokemon go when we're in traffic :p So I have my double USB port for the car with me when I'm going somewhere that has a) a lot of pokemon stops b) no wifi and c) places to take amazing pictures.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little insight in my travel essentials! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

My life in books tag

Hy guys!

Today I did the "My life in books" - Tag.

well.. enjoy!

1. Find a book you've read for every letter of your first name.
M - Marie by Marc de Bel
A - A Thousand pieces of you by Claudia Gray
R - Romeo and Juliet
G - Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
O - Oorlogswinter by Jan Terlouw

2. Count your age along your bookshelf: what book is it?
(I did not include my comic books in this)
I'm 21 now = Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

3. Pick a book set in your city/country
Het uur nul (The hour zero ..or sth like that, it's a Dutch book) by Dirk Bracke. Set in Belgium :)

4. Pick a book that represents a destination you'd love to travel to
Ten Thousand Skies above you by Claudia Gray. I would love to visit San Francisco one day.

5. Pick a book that's in your favorite color
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Black and Orange, my two faves :)

6. Which book do you have the fondest memories of?
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone by JK Rowling. What a book. I loved and still love every second of it.

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
Pitbull by Deflo. I hate thrillers but had to read this one for school. Not my best choice.

8. Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?
A Million Worlds with you by Claudia Gray. Finally I will know how the story continuous.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Music in my life Tag

1) Favorite band/musician at the moment?

I'm gonna go with Ed Sheeran.. Right before I went on holiday, I downloaded his new album (late, I know) and I've been listening to it all week!

2) One band you always come back to?

Rixton. And always the same song too: Me and my broken heart ..not because my heart gets broken all the time but because 1) they are all very good looking 2) it's directed by one of my favorites, mister Kurt Hugo Schneider and 3) I'm just a sucker for songs in British-English

3) Favorite Movie Soundtrack?

For those who know me this won't come as a suprise: The Harry Potter Soundtracks. Duh. Favorite one? Lily's Theme from the last movie.

4) What is/ are your favorite song(s) of all time?

Oh god, this is a hard one.

5) What's your most embarrassing song on Itunes?

This one. if your parents/younger sister(s)/brother(s) are in the room DON'T PLAY THIS 

6) Top 3 songs played on your Itunes?

- Hey Jack by Carrotsquare
- Empty Chairs at empty tables from the Les Miserables Soundtrack
- Don't Rain on My Parade, the Glee version by Santana :)

7) Favorite Concert you've attended?

Pentatonix a few years ago. 200 people in Trix in Antwerp. It was epic. The year after that they played in Brussels for 3000 people. I didn't go, that was just to much.

8) Most underrated musician in your opinion?

Probably a youtuber. I follow a lot of youtubers and some are really good but not signed to a label or something and that really is a shame.

9) Favorite quote or song lyrics?

I grab your hand, ask you to dance
In the middle of the street
Learn to sign, cheesy lines
Like "Baby, you complete me."

- Love you like the movies by Anthem Lights

10) Why do you like music?

Because I was brought up surrounded by music. Both my parents are musicians, my dad even teaches Saxophone and has a degree in Music. I just can't not love it. :) <3

11) Name a song that inspires you the most?

This one by Set It Off

12) Name a song that makes you feel sexy?

13) Favourite song right now?

I've been watching Will and this is one of the main soundtracks.

14) Which song is your guilty pleasure?

This one

15) Name a song that always makes you cry? 

The opening of Oliver and Company... So this song 

16) Name a song that you dislike/hate?

About everything by Justin Bieber?

17) Think of your child. What song springs to mind?

I don't have a child... But if I would have child if probably would be this one:

18) Favourite era & genre of music?

Era would probably be the 60s - 70s.. Genre goes from hip-hop & rock to musical soundtracks and sometimes even rap :)

19) Favourite music youtuber right now?

Chase Holfelder. That guys is just amazing.

20) If a song was to describe you, what song would that be?

Amnesia by 5SOS.. or in the cover by Tanner Patrick

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Are we on to something? - Our theory on Zoo Season 3

Hy guys!

As you all already know, I'm watching Zoo Season 3 this summer.. If not, go read my last blogpost!
If you are a new reader, welcome! Glad you joined us today :)

My friend Shannona is watching too and after the first three episodes we think we already figured out the biggest question of (the start of) this season.



Thursday, 13 July 2017

Top 5 Series to watch this summer

hy guys!

I've asked you guys on twitter to vote on a the blogpost suggestions for today and you guys voted for this one!

As you know I'm a big series junkie. If you don't believe me, believe my tv showtime account:

Episodes watched in a week:

Episodes watched in a month:

In my life I've watched over 9300 episodes from different series so I spent about 8 months, 12 days and 12 hours of my life watching series. If you think, wow, that's a lot. Just go make a profile on or download the app and see for yourself how many months of your life you've spent watching Bones and Glee. 

But over to the blogpost of today :D 
I'm going to give you a list of series you should watch (or rewatch) this summer!
They won't be in order, just a list of the serie and WHY you should watch it.

First up we have some new additions to my latest watch list 

1) WILL - A serie for the people who have seen Shakespeare in Love or are just a sucker for a great historical drama like Reign about a character that existed in real life.

2) STILL STAR-CROSSED - Weirdly enough another serie about Shakespeare. Not the man himself like in Will but about one of his greatest plays ever written. (I'm talking about the classic Romeo and Juliet, duh) It's the story of what happens in Verona AFTER Romeo and Juliet are dead. For the fans of Reign: it has Torrance Coombs (Bash) in it. 

3) The third season of ZOO - If you haven't seen the first two series, go watch them too! For the lovers of a great drama series about animals and weird genes, this is the summer serie for you

4) The seventh and last season of SUITS - We have watched Mike grow up to be the lawyer he is today. I'm sad it's the last season but it's a great show and I'm sure it will go out with a bang. For those of you who like a good drama and law series :) 
For those of you who haven't started watching and have the summer of, you have the time to watch the whole thing now, CHOP CHOP!!

5) GLEE- Everyone knows this classic. I know almost all the songs by heart. You have 6 amazing seasons full of love, hate, heartbrake and song ahead of you. 

Enjoy your summer!!


Thursday, 6 July 2017

2017 Reading Challenge

Hy guys!

Like the past 2 years, I'm doing the "2017 Reading Challenge" again this year!
Here's my progress so far :)

1. A book recommended by a librarian
2. A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long
3. A book of letters
4. An audiobook
5. A book by a person of color
6. A book with one of the four seasons in the title
7. A book that is a story within a story
8. A book with multiple authors
9. An espionage thriller
10. A book with a cat on the cover
11. A book by an author who uses a pseudonym
12. A bestseller from a genre you don't normally read
13. A book by or about a person who has a disability
14. A book involving travel
15. A book with a subtitle
16. A book that's published in 2017
17. A book involving a mythical creature
18. A book you've read before that never fails to make you smile
19. A book about food
20. A book with career advice
21. A book from a nonhuman perspective
22. A steampunk novel
23. A book with a red spine
24. A book set in the wilderness
25. A book you loved as a child
26. A book by an author from a country you've never visited
27. A book with a title that's a character's name
28. A novel set during wartime
29. A book with an unreliable narrator
30. A book with pictures
31. A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you
32. A book about an interesting woman
33. A book set in two different time periods
34. A book with a month or day of the week in the title
35. A book set in a hotel
36. A book written by someone you admire
37. A book that's becoming a movie in 2017
38. A book set around a holiday other than Christmas
39. The first book in a series you haven't read before
40. A book you bought on a trip


41. A book recommended by an author you love
42. A bestseller from 2016
43. A book with a family member term in the title
44. A book that takes place over a character's life span
45. A book about an immigrant or refugee
46. A book from a genre/subgenre you've never heard of
47. A book with an eccentric character
48. A book that's more than 800 pages
49. A book you got from a used book sale
50. A book that's been mentioned in another book
51. A book about a difficult topic
52. A book based on mythology

So, if I counted right, that makes 26/52 challenges completed :) 
I did use one book for more than 1 category because I mostly read thick books and don't have the same amount of time every week to read. 

Right now, I'm reading my 17th book of the year. 

Feel free to copy the picture down below and fill in your own reading challenge so far! 


Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Milli Magawhat?

Hy guys!

First things first, I finally made a twitter account for my blog! If all goes well, this blogpost should automatically apear on there when I post it :D

Go check it out! -> @BGWD_Blog

And because of twitter, I got in touch with a lot of new bloggers. Some already have a whole empire build round their blogs, others are just starting.

One of those new bloggers is Kimmie, 27 yo founder of a new magazine called "A Milli Magazine"... And now I hear everyone's brain going : A Milli whatnow? Never heard of it.

A Milli Magazine actually started off as a wild impulse caused by a walk in Walmart. About that walk in Walmart, Kimmie told me the following:
"While walking around Walmart, I saw a tweet for an article from a reputable publication saying 
"Dont count on Millennials to save the West"

And that's when she got the idea to create a place for the Millennials, the boys and girls like herself (and me for that matter) who get blamed for ridiculous things.

Yes, we all know there's a hazing going on all over the world. People get older but there are less births nowadays. That's basic demographics. But that doesn't mean that we, the Millennials are to blame for everything that will happen because of that. We can't help the fact that our parents, the Babyboom generation, didn't "produce" enough so to say. Neither can they.

That's why Kimmie started A Milli Magazine. The place for Millennials to show their efforts so they can be seen and be appreciated.  A place where she, as someone who suffers from Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, can have a positive outlet.

And for me, this is one of the greatest ideas a Millennial has come up with. (well, that and curing cancer that is.) I love the idea of joining a group, to have a place where all of us can work with like minded people who love to create content for others to see. Who love to name 3 little pigs, who just randomly walk over a bridge, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Ms. Pink (those where Kimmie's choice :p ). People who are not afraid to write about what they believe in and want to be remembered by. And that's what being a Millennial is all about.

I hope I did A Milli Magazine justice by talking about it in my blog this week. And I really hope that you guys, Millennials and others, will take the time to go and check out her place by clicking this link:


see you guys next week :)

Sunday, 25 June 2017

De Marathonradio Awards 2017

Beste Marathonradio vriendjes!

Het is weer die tijd van het jaar, de Marathonradio Awards zijn hier!
Maar helaas betekent dit ook het einde van Marathonradio voor deze keer.
We hebben samen gelachen, geweend en elkaar moed gegeven om ook die laatste examens te knallen.

En met dank aan de Marathonradiogroep heet ik jullie....


Dit zijn de 15 categorieën

- Beste Marathonradiopodium concert
- Beste #
- Beste presentator overdag
- Grappigste presentator
- Presentator waar ik het meeste aan had
- Beste Jingle
- Beste presentator 's nachts
- Beste Achtergrondmuziek
- Leukste imiteer jingle
- Zotste #JasWeCan
- Beste DJ Tijdens het Nationaal Pauzemoment
- Reddende Engel(s)
- Meest aanstekelijke lach
- Droogste humor
- Beste Marathonradio Rescue Team

En de genomineerden zijn:

Voor beste Marathonradiopodium concert (winnaar 2016: PIANOMAN WIM)
  • Stan Van Samang
  • Ghost Rockers
  • Laura Tesoro
  • X!nk
  • Samson & Gert
  • Bazart
  • Clouseau
  • Kraantje Pappie
  • Loïc Nottet
  • Emma Bale
  • Jebroer
  • The Lighthouse
  • Wim Soutaer
  • Gers Pardoel
  • Niels Destadsbader

Voor beste # (Winnaar 2016: #NOTHINGBUTLOVE )
  • #appelflap
  • #WeWantRondé
  • #middernachtnieuws
  • #Ikbeneenschoen
Voor beste presentator overdag (Winnaar 2016: TOM DE COCK)
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander

Voor grappigste presentator (Winnaar 2016: PETER VAN DE VEIRE )
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander

Voor presentator waar ik het meeste aan had (Winnaar 2016: TOM DE COCK)
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander
Voor beste presentator 's nachts (Winnaar 2016: PETER VAN DE VEIRE )
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander
Voor Beste Jingle (Winnaar 2016: TOEREKE DOEN )
  • De Slimburger
  • Ik kan daaa
  • superkapooooot
Voor beste Achtergrondmuziek (Winnaar 2016: KLASSIEKE STUDIO 100 HITS )
  • Klassieke studio 100 HITS
  • Harry Potter Soundtrack
  • Eftelingmuziek
Voor leukste imiteer jingle 
(Winnaar 2016(vorig jaar Leukste Yes We Can):  YES WE CAN GOD MILJAARDEDJU TOCH! - HERMAN BRUSSELMANS  )
  • Yes We Can
  • Ik Kan daa
  • U dikke ma (Jan Becaus)
  • Nants igonyama bagithi baba!!!!

Voor zotste #JasWeCan (Winnaar 2016: (vorig jaar Zotste geheim tijdens #geheimpjesnacht) IK HEB MET DE MOEDER VAN MIJN BESTE MAAT SEX GEHAD)
  • Breng het Belgische volkslied op de Nederlandse Radio
  • Doe de Habiba-challenge
  • Bel met 5 Kimberley's
  • My heart will go on op blokfluit
  • Speel een uur lang voor elke luisteraar een liedje op de Mondharmonica
Voor beste DJ tijdens het Nationaal Pauzemoment (Winnaar 2016: DJ FREAQUENCY )
  • Mark With a K
  • Henri PFR
  • Regi
  • Freaquency
  • DJ Lightning

Voor Reddende Engel(s) (Winnaar 2016: SANDER GILLIS)
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander
  • Tom
  • Eva

Voor Meest aanstekelijke lach (Winnaar 2016: JULIE VAN DEN STEEN)
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander

Voor Droogste Humor (Winnaar 2016: SANDER GILLIS )
  • Peter
  • Julie
  • Sander
Voor beste Marathonradio Rescue Team 
(Winnaar 2016:(vorig jaar Beste Nieuwkomer) JULIE VAN DEN STEEN )
  • Rescue Team Tom
  • Rescue Team Eva

En de winnaars zijn....

Voor beste Marathonradiopodium concert


Voor beste # 


Voor beste presentator overdag


Voor grappigste presentator 

PETER VAN DE VEIRE voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor presentator waar ik het meeste aan had 


Voor beste presentator 's nachts 

PETER VAN DE VEIRE voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor Beste Jingle 


Voor beste Achtergrondmuziek 

KLASSIEKE STUDIO 100 HITS voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor leukste imiteer jingle 


Voor zotste #JasWeCan 


Voor beste DJ tijdens het Nationaal Pauzemoment 

FREAQUENCY voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor Reddende Engel(s) 

SANDER GILLIS voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor Meest aanstekelijke lach 

JULIE VAN DEN STEEN voor het tweede jaar op rij!

Voor Droogste Humor 


Voor beste Marathonradio Rescue Team 


Thursday, 22 June 2017

De betekenis van Marathonradio

Vorig jaar tijdens Marathonradio kon je hier lezen hoe de facebookgroep "Marathonradio 2016" (nu Marathonradio 2017) ontstaan is. Daarom was het ook niet meer dan passend om het dit jaar nog eens te hebben over dat geweldige concept en wat Marathonradio nu eigenlijk voor de leden van de groep betekent.

"Vorig jaar heb ik een paar mensen leren kennen. Zij hebben mij in een jaar tijd een hele hoop zelfvertrouwen gegeven en dankzij hen heb ik mijn leven terug op de rails gekregen. Ik ben hen daar eeuwig dankbaar voor"


"Vroeger was marathonradio een tof tussendoortje voor mij. Maar nu betekent het super veel. Ik ben nog volop bezig aan mijn examens van het zesde middelbaar maar de week daar na heb ik ingangsexamens aan het RITCS in Brussel. Ik wil Radio studeren dus dit zijn de cruciale weken voor mij en marathonradio helpt mij te motiveren en mij 100% geven aan zowel school als voorbereiden RITCS. Alle mensen op MNM zijn voor mij een voorbeeld en elke keer als ik luister/kijk naar marathonradio probeer ik dingen bij te leren die ik kan meenemen naar mijn ingangsexamen.Ook dit jaar heb ik er 100% van genoten en ik hoop dat als ik volgend jaar luister ik kan inbellen dat het dan met vragen zijn voor mijn Radio cursus."

- Marie 

"Marathonradio betekend voor mij veel. De Dj's zijn er altijd voor u en geven u moed als ge het niet kunt. Ze helpen u overal doorheen. Door hun heb ik ook nieuwe mensen leren kennen."

- Ellen

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Ultimate Studyguide PART 2

Hoi iedereen en welkom op dag 2 van de tweede MarathonradioWeek!
Hier zijn een paar uitmuntende studietips voor jullie vanwege de Marathonradiogroep :)


De 10 ultieme studietips

Neem genoeg pauze en leg een ice pack in je nek! ( zeker met warme dagen zoals vandaag en volgende dagen )

Stel doelen op voor jezelf en vergeet dan ook niet te genieten van je beloning wanneer je je doel haalt!

Schrijf mogelijke vragen op tijdens de 'Fluoronde' en probeer ze te maken nadat je de cursus hebt geleerd.

Probeer je woordjes in te studeren op het ritme van een liedje dat je leuk vindt!

Mindmaps maken, klinkt als overbodig werk maar het is bewezen dat dit echt werkt!

Zorg voor één(of meerdere) liedje(s) dat je kan opzetten in je blokpauze om wat stoom af te blazen. Liefst een dansbaar deuntje dat lekker intensief is.
Bij mij is dit deze.

Maak van alles een tekening! Zo blijf je het gemakkelijk onthouden!

Plan je vakantie als perfecte ontspanning!

Ga een half uurtje lopen voor het leren! (of Wandelen, of snelwandelen of gelijk welke sport) Het verbeterd de concentratie! (Wetenschappelijk bewezen!)

Kijk filmpjes op YouTube bij moeilijke onderwerpen! Het is minder saai en je heb er nog eens een visuele ondersteuning bovenop! #TOP

De ultieme studiesnacks!

Jaja, we horen onze buikjes de laatste dagen opnieuw heel hard knorren zo tussen de maaltijden door. Studeren mag dan wel vermoeiend zijn, met een hongertje gaat dat studeren nóg trager dan normaal!
Maar geen nood! Hieronder vinden jullie de perfecte oplossing! 
De 10 ultieme studeersnacks!! 

Hallo allemaal en welkom op deze tweede editie van de #MarathonradioWeek! Dit is dag 1 :) 

Aardbeien werden net zoals vorig jaar zeer snel vermeld door de studenten. Blijkbaar is dit rode fruit niet uit onze blokperiode weg te denken!

Druiven. Klein en lekker. Meer heeft een student niet nodig tijdens het studeren!

Chips is altijd een must want geef toe; tijdens den blok is het van: Hoe vettiger, Hoe prettiger!

Chocoladerepen passen dan ook weer perfect samen met die aardbeien van daarjuist. hmmmmmm

Een must met dit warme weer! Watermeloen!

IJsjes zijn dan weer iets ongezonder maar o zo aangenaam!

Koekjes zijn ook een grote speler in onze blokperiode. Een koekje per pagina die je geblokt hebt! 

Koffieeeeee. Want geef toe, we moeten ook nog wat wakker blijven hé

Maltesers... Want jullie zijn het gewoon waard ;) 

(voor die suikerdip 's nachts)

Dadels  --> nog even op jullie tanden bijten mensen! jullie zijn er bijna :)

tot morgen! 

Friday, 16 June 2017

25 movie Tag Questions

Hy guys!

We're back with a collab :D This time we're doing the first half of the 50 movie tag questions!


1. How often do you watch a movie?

M: probably 3-4 times a week. It really depends on the movies and if I'm really busy that week though.

S: Once or twice a week, it mostly depends on how much time I have and how tired I'm after a long workday.

2. What movie genre are you particularly fond of?

M: Romcoms! And Fantasy. Those two...well, three together are just perfect.

S: Fantasy, sci-fi and action :D and also once in a while a nature documentary.

3. What was the last move that you've watched and liked?

M: I just saw Love, Rosie again and I really love that movie.. But I've already seen that one before.. If I'm not mistaken, the last movie I saw for the first time and really liked was A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits. Loved it!

S: A dog's purpose: it was gorgeous and made me cry for like five times or so. But it was really great to watch! I definitely recommend it, but only watch if you have a pet with you for hugs XD

4. What was the last movie that you've watched and hated?

M: If I don't like a movie, I won't watch until the end. Or even if I don't like the summary I just won't watch it. But if I have to choose, probably a movie about the World ending...again.

S: Suicide Squad, never have I felt more belied by a trailer...

5. What is your most favorite movie of all time?

M: Really? I have to choose???? Now at this moment it would probably be the first Harry Potter. I can watch it over and over again and it still won't bore me.

S:, that's nearly impossible to say, but I'll go with Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Most likely my most watched movie and I still know all the songs by heart. 


6. Your most favorite guilty pleasure movie?

M: Shangai Knight  and Shangai Noon. Both with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, two of my favorite actors. Hilarious movies!

S: A little movie named Dreamcatcher, based on the book with the same name by Stephen King. It's bad, honestly really bad but at the same time I find it so funny, touching and a great watch for a lazy day.

7. What movie/movies have you watched a million times already?


S: Spirit ofcourse and also a lot of Disney films like Pocahontas, Lion King, Dinosaur, ...

M@S: and yes, those too

8. Are you the type who watches a movie on its first day of showing?

M: Nope, toooooo crowded!

S: What Margo said, patience won't hurt, a crowd will XD

9. Do you use Fandango or do you pre-book movie tickets?

M: I pre-book sometimes. Just to make sure we have our seats.

S:Sometimes, but usually I wait untill the movie has been out for a few weeks.

10. Cinema, Blu-ray, or download?

M: I'm a big downloader but I do like a simple old DVD every once in a while. And of course, nothing can compare with watching a movie in the cinema!

S: Download and good old DVD. And let's go to the cinema so I can get popcorn :P 

11. How often do you go to a cinema to wach a movie?

M: Once every 3-4 months?

S: When there is a movie I MUST see in cinema, otherwise I'll wait untill the DVD comes out.

12. What are the movies that made you cry?

M: About every single Disney movie... Love, Rosie was the last one that made me cry.

S: Disney, totally Disney. Spirit too, and Black Beauty. Honestly every single animal movie XD

13. Do you watch foreign films?

M: Actually all the time :p Every English movie is foreign for me... But I do like a French movie every once in a while :)

S: Once in a while, if the subject interests me.
14. What are your favorite foreign films?

M: Les Choristes and Bienvenue chez les ch'tis 

S: Die Welle. Watched it for school but never forgot. 

15. Who are your favorite directors?

M: Steven Spielberg, Gore Verbinski, Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Chris Columbus, David Yates, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and George Lucas

S: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Joss Whedon, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Colin Trevorrow.

M@S: omg XD I forgot about Peter Jackson. *Runs*

16. Are you particular with movie scores, soundtracks and musics? 

M: I LOVE movie soundtracks and I always try to find the scores I really would like to play someday.

S: Same!! Half the music on my phone is movie soundtracks!

17. What movie soundtrack can be found on your Ipod?

M: Pirates of the Carribean (all of them) and Burlesque are the two complete soundtracks that can be found on my Ipod. Further on we have Great movie themes and a few other soundtracks like the ending title of We bought a Zoo (Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós)

S: Lots of disney soundtracks, PotC, LotR, Black Beauty, should I go on? :P 

18. Have you ever watched a movie alone in a cinema?

M: Without any friends or family, yes. Without anyone, nope.

S: Um, don't think so. I prefer to go to a cinema with friends or family :)

19. Is there an movie that has changed your perspective in life?

M: les intouchables. It's a real eye opener for everyone. It's full of life lessons and a really great movie for those who are still learning.

S: And again, Spirit. It learned me to never give up.

20. Your favorite comic book movie? 

M: Though one! Spider-man was definitely on number 1 a few years ago but now I'm gonna go with Deadpool!

S: Spiderman!!! (the Raimi movies), but also the Avengers and Deadpool hh, look I just like all of them okay? XD

21. DC or Marvel movies?

M: I like Marvel over DC if it comes to movies. But DC over Marvel every day when it's about series.Without a doubt!

S: Marvel, althought DC is slowly growing on me.

M@S: I'm to blame for that XD

22. What are the movies in te top 10 in IMDb that you have watched?

M: The Dark Knight, 12 Angry Men, Shindler's List, Pulp Fiction, LOTR: The Return of the King & Fight Club and actually, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring too because it has the same score as te ones on number 9 and 10

S: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and I believe I've seen The Dark Knight when I was younger.

23. Do you read movie critic reviews before watching a fim?

M: Sometimes, yeah. But I don't let that cloud my judgement.

S: Quite often actually, usually if Chris Stuckmann ( ) says it's a good movie, I'll agree :P 

24. What is the best movie adapted from a book? 

M: Oh this is a hard one.. I agree with Shannona on this one but to choose the best one.. I have honestly no idea.

 S: Umm I'm doubting between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Both are great.

25. Do you watch the movie before reading the book or vice versa? 

M: Yes I do. I saw The Golden Compass before I read the books but I mostly read the books before watching the movies.

S: Sometimes but often the movie doesn't live up to the book (in my opinion). A vice versa example is Dreamcatcher, I've watched and liked the movie and now I'm reading the book.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

De 13 geboden van Marathonradio 2017

Hierbij de nieuwe versie om de blokpijnen even te verzachten :)

Het Marathonradio reglement 2017
Vanaf nu zeker te volgen tijdens Marathonradio!

1) Maak het leven van je medestudenten niet moeilijk, maak het GEMAKKELIJK!
2) Gij zult niet met vloeken gooien, knuffels komen zachter aan
3) Gij zult niet praten aan de telefoon, als je roept hebben wij er ook wat aan.
4) Met de Marathonradio markeerstift is het markeren nooit gedaan.
5) Gij zult geen muren, banken of stoelen bekladden met #marathonradio, Tweets blijven eeuwig bestaan!
6) Gij zult niet naar het Marathonradiohuis in Leuven rennen, al vliegend kom je hier sneller aan.

Een gebedje tussendoor

Zet je in voor je studies,
Blok zeer veel en zonder (al te veel) ruzies.
Heilig steeds het studentenleven,
naar vakantie zult gij streven.
Geen gezeur, geen vermoeienis,
Bel, Tweet of SMS altijd MNM wanneer het té moeilijk is.
Vergeet niet om er eens uit te gaan en je te amuseren
Peter, Tom, Julie, Eva en Sander zult gij eren.
Wees steeds vrolijk, werk tezamen
En wees optimistisch over het (blok)leven

7) Eén Blokpuntfoto is ten strengste verboden, post, als je kan, er minstens 1 om de 2 dagen. ;)
8) Tijdens Marathonradio zal je ook dingen leren, leren uzelf te motiveren! 
9) Nog half slapen tijdens Marathonradio is niet okee, slaap genoeg dan zijn we tevree
10) Gij zult uw maten niet ambeteren tijdens het blokken, vraag gewoon aan Sander, Peter of Julie om dit te doen.
11) Als je geen YES WE CAN wil doen, doe dan van je BROEM BROEM BROOOEEMM
12) Tom en Eva zijn dit jaar op de baan, het nieuwe #MarathonradioRescueTeam komt er aan!
13) Gij zult niet slagen voor dat ene examen maar voor ALLEMAAL!.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

What's on my bookshelves part 4

Hy guys!

Last October I did a quick update on the first 3 shelves of my bookshelves. At the end of that post I promised to give you guys a peek at my fourth shelf. I'm not going to do both of my fourth shelves on either side of my bookshelf, the second one is for another time.

Fourth shelf, left side

1) Jo and Co

Like 'Suzy and Spike' I have a little collection of 'Jo and Co' on my bookshelves. No my all time favorite comic books like S&S but I do like the contemporaryity of the stories. That's something S&S doesn't really have (yet).

2) Twilight* Series (*Say it like Jack Whitehall XD) and the short life of Bree Tanner

In part 3 I told you guys that Twilight moved to my fourth shelf. I still like the story and I have to read it again sometime but not any time soon.

3) Warrior Cats

Just like Twilight, this series moved to the 4th shelf. Not because I don't like it but simply because there wasn't any space left on my 3rd shelf XD. But it's still a great series for cat lovers :) half of the series I own ( 1st and 2nd series) is on this bookshelf, the other half is somewhere in our house.

4) 'En Toen kwam jij - waarom je niet één maar twee papa's hebt' by Tom De Cock

No translated into english (yet) but on of my favorite, most eye-opening books I've read last year. I really hope it gets translated into English because some people really need to read it.

5) Een Groene bloom trilogie - Floortje Zwigtman

If you haven't heard of it, here's my blogpost about the bookseries  but I already talk a lot about this series. And I really like it. Shame I bought it in a big version because it's a very heavy book and the pages are just so fragile.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Playlist time!

hy guys!

It's been a while but here is another update on my playlist :)
aka: Songs I really like listening too atm ;)


Afire Love - Ed Sheeran
Without a doubt my all time favorite Ed Sheeran song.

Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can
I haven't seen the show yet but I really love this song. Aaron Tveit is a great singer... and very good looking XD

Something Just like this - Coldplay & The Chainsmokers
I have this song twice in my Itunes. The original and the version by Sam Tsui.

This Promise - Sam Tsui & Casey Breves
I want my wedding to be filmed like that! And maybe also that song on my wedding. God I love it. They are so cute :p 

Wait for it - Hamilton
If you guys haven't guessed this by now, I'm a big fan of musicals. And I really hope Hamilton will be in Belgium one day. Lin is a genius. 

Natural disaster - Pentatonix
My first Pentatonix concert is already 3 years ago. I still remember hearing this song for the first time on that concert. It was epic.

Amnesia - 5SOS
Radio loud, sing along, it's a perfect song for those things. Let it all out.

Cha Cha Loco - Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson is a musician my dad really likes. I remember growing up with this song on our holidays to France.

Lost Boys - Ruth B(Tyler Ward cover)
And if you guys haven't noticed yet, I do like a good cover once in a while. And every once in a while that cover is better than the original.

Stand in the Light - Jordan Smith
I can't remember how I first found this song but I still really like it! 

Unsteady - X Ambassadors
I heard this song first in an episode of Lucifer and I fell in love with it. It's such a dramatic song. 

Letters from the sky - Civil Twilight
If you guys have read 'The Music Tag' I did with Shannona a while ago, you will recognize this song as a song I would like my family to play at my funeral. (in about 90 years I hope)

Papi - Straight Outta Oz
Nicole is just amazing :p and I love singing along to this song.

Autumn Leaves - Daniel Kajmakoski (Eurovision 2015)
If you would ask me I would say that this is the most underrated song of Eurovision 2015. It's still one of my favorites until this day and I still don't understand why it didn't get into the finals. Okay, I'm glad Mans won but this was a great song too.

Love is a Battlefield - Glee version
A lot of you already know that my favorite Glee character is Blaine aka Darren Criss... So it's almost logical that I fell in love with this song in the first place. The fact that it is catchy helps too. And I really want to have a class like that  someday :D 

No Longer Slaves - Jonathan & Melissa Helser
If you hadn't had any chills yet, you're welcome. This song is just so full of emotions. 

Scream - HSM
If you're a 90's kid, you will know this by heart. 

On top of the world - Tim McMorris
I think I found this song on the tv during a commercial for cars... :p But it's just so much fun!

Me and my broken heart - Rixton
I followed Kurt for a while before he had the guys of Rixton over. And Me and my broken heart is one of my favorite Rixton songs ever since. Last year when I was in London I even heard it on the readio :D It was amazing!

Take me home tonight - Glee
Last but not least, another Glee cover :D and again with Darren Criss :p I mean, come on :D