Friday, 13 October 2017

Top 5 favorite musical numbers

Hy guys!

As you all know I'm a big fan of music. I love playing music, singing and finding new things to listen to. One of those things are musicals. I'm a sucker for a good musical. The music, the dancing, the actors and their acting. I LOVE IT.

So, when I was thinking of blogposts for the next month(s) I immediately thought of a top blog: favorite musical numbers :p

My favorite musicals are Beauty and the Beast(Dutch Version), Romeo and Juliet(Dutch version), Daens (Dutch version) and recently Newsies (American Version). And if I have to choose between those musicals, this would be my top 5.

On 5: Weer als toen - Daens de musical

4: Wait for it - Hamilton The Musical

3: Tale as old as time - Beauty and the Beast The Musical

2: Anatevka - Fiddler on the roof

And first place goes to:

I Never Planned on You/Don't Come a-Knocking  - Newsies The Musical



Friday, 6 October 2017

The adaptation of Zoo into a series

I'm gonna say it like it is : FAIL.

Everyone who's been watching Zoo these past years but hasn't read the book(yet), consider yourselves lucky. It's a joke. I'm dead serious.


As you all know the book by James Patterson has been out since 2012, the series has been out since 2015. Because I knew the series had been based on a book I decided to read the book. As you all know, I really love reading so there's no shocker there. But man, was I wrong.

I'm not going to name every single detail of the book that's different from the show cause
1) that would take me a lot more time (like a day or 5)
2) We all know the following fact :

But it's a series soooo... Where are all the details??????? Okay, they can't get everything in but you would think that they would get the characters backgrounds correct, wouldn't you? 

I hear everyone think: BUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT THEN???? 

Well, let me tell you.

First up and actually the only thing that's wrong with it: our main man, Jackson. As the book describes it, Jackson lives in America, has a pet Chimpanzee and is an outcast with the professional and academic ecologists and biologists. He is, what I call, kind of a jerk too. 
On a trip to Botswana he survives an attack by male lions and saves the life of Chloe Tousignant. 
Back in America, he finds his (ex)girlfriend killed and partly eaten by his pet Chimp. Five years later, he has married Chloe and they even have a son Eli. 

Now the bit about saving Chloe from the lions and the fact he is an outcast with the ecologists and biologists is the part that made the series. The rest was left out.. maybe for the better and here's why :

In the book Jackson and Abe are seen as people who love to shoot animals, who like to go on a hunt now and then. Maybe for research, maybe not. But in the series, that wouldn't have been a good thing. A lot of people would have hated them if they were seen as hunters. And that iconic scene at the beginning wouldn't be in the show at all where they blast music to scare the animals and the hunters away would not have been so iconic, now would it?

And tbh, the book is just sooooooooooo boring if you, like me, have seen the series first. 

Don't read it...or do.


Thursday, 28 September 2017

Who to watch UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017

Hy guys!

The september update on who to watch & follow on youtube is here! New ones are added on the bottom of the list :)

I won't spoil anything. Just CLICK and let them tell or show you who they are! (And I really hope I didn't forget someone... )

PS: On the bottom you will find THE ULTIMATE YOUTUBE GUIDE UPDATE that I made for my list :) ENJOY!

Kurt Hugo Schneider
Max Schneider 
Sam Tsui 
Luke Conard 
Landon Austin 
Peter Hollens 
Jake Broido 
Kimmi Smiles 
Dave Days 
Megan Nicole 
Alex G 
Alex Goot
Tiffany Alvord 
Lindsey Stirling 
The salt lake pops 
Alex Boye 
Chester See 
Tyler ward 
Against the current 
Corey Gray 
The Mend 
Andy Lange 
Cody longo 
Jason Chen 
matty B
The pianoguys 
Andrew Garcia 
The warp zone 
Future sunsets 
Gardiner sisters
Georgia Merry
Set It Off
Will and the People
Alexander di Leo
Conor Maynard
Nick Pitera
Todrick Hall
Tanner Patrick
Two worlds 
Anthem Lights
Evynne Hollens
Guillaume De Grieve
James Maslow
Madilyn Bailey
Mike Tompkins
Payson Lewis
Joey Graceffa
Christina Grimmie
Anth Melo
Arne Vanhaecke
Avi Kaplan
Brittany Underwood
Chad Sugg
David Michael Frank
David Fowler
Derek Hough
Jonathan Young
Koala Commission
Lucky Chops
Malinda Kathleen Reese
Mark Ballas
Royal Tailor
Chase Holfelder

The next guys/girls are not singers but Vloggers or have an amazing Channel! 

Ryan Higa
Joule Thief 
Bad Weather Films 
Jacob and Josh Fu 
Justin James Hughes
Megan Batoon
The brothers Riedell 
The Slowmoguys
Devin Supertramp 
Joe Sugg
Alfie Deyes
Caspar Lee
Zoë Sugg
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
Oli White
Marcus Butler
Niomi Smart
Mark Ferris
Jack Maynard
The Hillywood Show
Sawyer Hartman
Tyler Oakley
Anna Saccone
Bethany Mota
Bradlee Wannemacher
Braille Skateboarding
Doug Armstrong
Fun For Louis / Louis Cole
Guy Tang
Hallo Thibaut
Kandee Johnson
Mikey Pearce
Quentin Mcconathy
Raya Was Here
Saccone Joly's
Sam Evans
Sean Elliot OConnor
Tanner Braungardt
Tom Daley
Tristan Braungardt
Jake Paul
Logan Paul
Chance Sutton & Anthony Trujillo 
Tessa Brooks

Thursday, 21 September 2017

First thoughts on DWTS Season 25

Hy guys!

Season 25 of DWTS has just started so we thought it was time to bring back this old series of blogposts! :)
First up is of course our collab on who's going to win, who we want to win,....


Top 13
Shannona's pick:
13: Terrell & Cheryl

12: Vanessa & Maks

11: Nick & Peta

10: Alan & Debby

9: Derek & Sharna

8: Sasha & Glebb

7: Barbara & Keo

6: Drew & Emma

5: Frankie & Whitney

4: Jordan & Lindsay

3: Nikki & Artem

2: Lindsey & Mark <3

1: Victoria & Val <3

A) Who's going to win? : Lindsey & Mark

B) Who do you want to win? : Victoria & Val

C) Who will be the first to be voted out? : Terrell & Cheryl

D) Which couples will be in the last 3? : Lindsey & Mark, Victoria & Val, Jordan & Lindsay

Top 13
My pick

13: Terrell & Cheryl

12: Barbara & Keo

11: Drew & Emma

10: Nick & Peta

9: Sasha & Glebb

8: Derek & Sharna

7: Frankie & Whitney

6: Victoria & Val

5: Debby & Alan

4: Nikki & Artem

3: Vanessa & Maks

2: Jordan & Lindsey

1: Lindsey & Mark

A) Who's going to win? : Victoria & Val

B) Who do you want to win? : Lindsey & Mark (but we all know that not a lot of people enjoy Mark's crazy creative ways.... So if he's out, I'm rooting for Debby & Alan. (don't believe me? watch every season from when he got a young(er) partner. happens EVERY TIME --' ) )

C) Who will be the first to be voted out? : Terrell & Cheryl

D) Which couples will be in the last 3? : Jordan & Lindsey, Victoria & Val, Vanessa & Maks

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Top 10 Fall Series

Hy guys!

Today I'm sharing 10 series (out of +-20) I'm excited for this fall :)
Again, if you want, you can follow me on Tvshowtime  (why : CLICK HERE) or keep an eye on the 'this week I'm' part of my blog for new series.

Out of all the new and returing shows this fall I chose 5 new ones and 5 returning ones.
Keep in mind, the dates are from tv showtime so they are 1 day AFTER the show releases on tv!

First up, we have the 5 returning series :)

27/09 is the day The Mick returns with a second season. A great comedy show for those of you who like a good laugh! If you haven't seen it yet, watch THIS first!

29/09 The 6th season of Chicago Fire moves to thursdays now! By the looks of it, the trailer does NOT give us good news about the cliffhanger from last season. Oh boy. But this show nows how to go out with a bang since season 1!

3/10 Mothers hold on to your daughters (and the other way around!) cause the devil is back in town for season 3 of Lucifer! Everyone is in love with Tom Ellis since season 1.

10/10 - 11/10 - 11/10 & 13/10 The return of a few more series, I know, but all wit the same characters and the same idea of other dimensions. Ofcourse I'm talking about Supergirl (back for season 3!), The Flash (back for season 4!), Dc's legends of tomorrow (also back for season 3!) and Arrow (back for season 6!). I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER CROSS OVER :D

12/10 Riverdale will be back for a second season! This is gonna be gooooooooood

And now the 5 new series I'm excited for :D

11/09 The first new serie, The Orville, is already on air since this monday! I have no idea where it will go but I feel a crossover with the dc series :p #Martinisbrainwashedandstufflikethat #justanidea

19/09 Dancing with the stars is back for season 25 and finally made Alan a Pro!!! :D I'm so excited for him. And Mark Ballas is back with the best partner ever, Lindsey Stirling!

26/09 The Brave. As a big fan of hospital series I've watched The Night shift in a few weeks. And I really like the backgroundstory of that series. That's why I'm excited and curious for The Brave.

26/09 The Good Doctor. Again, big hospital series fan sooooo :p yeah.

12/10 A drama serie called Dynasty gets a new place in my week :p The remake of the old Dynasty series will be even better!

Hope you will enjoy these new series!


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Books on holiday

Hy guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that was in my travel essentials a few weeks ago, my tablet.
I know what you're probably thinking right now, Isn't it the first thursday of the month? Isn't it Book thursday? Well, yes it is. But not your normal paperback book thursday.

Like you all know, I love reading, but I also like to travel a lot. Taking books with you on holiday is fun, reading a paperback by the pool is always a fun thing to do on vacation. But only for a few days if you're a big reader like me.

If you're going on holiday with the car, you all know it's not that difficult to take a big pile of books with you. You don't have the carry them with you for a few hours. But when going on holiday with a plane, it isn't easy to take a lot of books with you. They take a lot of place and, tbh, weigh a ton.

And that's where a tablet like mine comes in handy.

I'm not saying I don't read paperbacks anymore cause that's not true. I still read a lot of paperbacks. But I just can't take the amount of books that already fit on my tablet with me on holiday. That would be, for your information, over 150 books. And I agree, it takes a lot of time to get used to reading on a tablet instead of paper. You have to charge your tablet, probably best if you don't drop it often, you have to keep in mind what chapter you were reading while reading to prevent loosing the storyline when you accidentaly swipe the little line on the bottom and jump a few chapters back or forward.
Also, reading at the pool or outside in the sun is a nightmare. You have to set the brightness of the tablet very high.

After all those con's, I hear you think, but why use a tablet instead of taking a paperback on vacation?
Because of the efficiency, the weight and the size. No matter what book you are reading, they will all weigh the same, be the same size. You can change the boldness/size of the words. Some books even allow the tablet to read them out so you can listen to the book instead of reading it. And again, you can take A LOT of books with you.

So yes, I do still like paperbacks but I just LOVE taking my tablet on holiday with me instead.

See you next week!


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Things you actually learn at College/Uni

Hey guys!

I know, it's almost (or already) that time of the year again. Back to school.

For me this was (and still is) not the most fun day of the year. You feel like you've just got used to your summer eat-work-party-sleep rhythm and need at least until the end of the first quarter to get used to the going to school part. Or so you tell yourselves.

Being in college for the past 4 years now, I actually learned a bunch of stuff. Besides the actually reading material that is. And even though my first 3 years were rough (I had a lot of bad grades and stuff like that), my fourth year was great. I finally found something that suited me. This past year, I had classes on thuesday and thursday and the rest of the week to do my internship at my local library.
But I'm not writing this post to bore all of you with my past year (unless you want me to, email me!)

This post is for everyone who starts ( or has started in) college/Uni this year :) Here's a list of things you actually will learn!

1) You will learn to sleep when you have the time, wherever you are. I personally learned to take a nap on the train home (or to school in the morning at 6.30 am) with my headphones on/in. I even learned to wake up at just the right time so I wouldn't miss my stop.

2) Drinking is something you will learn too. Unless you're a musician like me, then you will teach others how to drink like you :p. Little tip, if a guy thinks he can drink more, just drink him under the table...he will shut up.(only do this if you're a) a musician or b) confident you can do this and c) either are willing to go out with him at some point during your first year or have a enemy for the rest of your years in college.)

3) How to rely on train, bus and other public transport methods to go where you want to go. Don't walk. Use the public way! You can even meet someone new on that bus ;)

4) Rain can be fun. It can be, I promise you. Enjoy it.

5) The friends you make in college/ at Uni are FOREVER. You will not be able to miss them for longer than a few months after you left college. Believe me.

6) You will always be exploring new places! If you, like me, chose a big city over your little home town, you will have the time of your life. Go out, explore. Play some pokemon go.

7) Sunny days in the middle of a snowy december? Wear sunglasses! It doesn't only look cool, your eyes will thank you.

8) Always order the cheapest thing you can find or at least keep an eye on your budget. I learned this the hard way. Being wednesday, going to starbucks for my daily latte, buy it and after that have no money for lunch. Be smart kids.

9) You will learn how to read a book in class. If you chose a course with a lot of people, you will have a crowded classroom from time to time. If it's boring but you don't want to miss a thing. Bring a book, take a pencil in your hand. look up from time to time... It will all work out.

10) You also will learn how to be very subtle with your phone. Never EVER put it in your pencil case = aka tooooooo loud! Be sure to always put it on silent!

11) Something else I learned the hard way; watching "fails of the week" is not the best idea in a classroom. It's just too funny. Train your pokerfaces!

12) Single? You will see hot guys everywhere! Deal with it. Because they are all taken. I'm serious.

13) Be nice to your teachers. Don't buy them stuff but just a simple hello when you walk by them will make them nice to you during class = less chance he/she will pick you for a difficult question.

14) If you're tired, just skip class (if that's possible). You won't be paying attention anyway so why would you irritate your fellow students & teacher? Go home, go to the park, sit in the school library and watch Glee for all I care.

15) How to look & act less hung over after a night of partying. Water, water, water, water, water and a big old coffee in the morning should do the trick ( Drink the first 3 when you get home, splash the fourth in your face the next morning and take the fifth with you to school)

16) Back to number 9, how to read a book. Now we add the part of how to look interested. Keep that pencil in your hand and look up from time to time, nod, act like you're writing something down ( be sure to have your textbook open in front of you) and continue reading your book.

17) Same thing like 16 & 9, but instead of reading a book, take an assignment from another class with you and work on that. A laptop works best for doing something like this. Don't forget to look up from time to time!

18) Last but not least, learn your ears & brain to focus on words or phrases like "Exams" , "I probably will ask this on the exam", "this is very important", "I see that some of you are writing this down, very good", "Maybe this will be a question...". If you're reading your book, your mind will be listening to the teacher but only "alarm" you when one of these words or phrases are said out loud. I know this sounds crazy but it actually works.

I really hope college will be fun for you. It is (and will probably be) the best years of my life. Of course it has its ups and downs but with the right attitude, friends and a enough spare time, you will be just fine!

And one last tip: Don't forget to take a break from time to time. Listen to some music, hang out with old friends, go on vacation. Enjoy your life while you still can!